• Announcing TypeScript 1.0.1 – TypeScript – Ryan Cavanaugh announces the release of TypeScript 1.0.1 as part of the Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 release
  • May 2014 .NET Updates – The .NET Framework team announce the release of three security patch updates as part of the standard ‘patch Tuesday’ release cycle


  • ASP.NET vNext: the future of .NET on the Server – Xinyang Qiu discusses the plans for future releases of ASP.NET under the guise of ASP.NET vNext, highlighting relevant TechEdt Session recordings
  • ASP.NET vNext – David Fowler, one of the Developers on the ASP.NET Team shares his thoughts on the work that is already under way on ASP.NET vNext.
  • Improvements to ASP.NET Web Forms – Pranav Rastogi discusses the latest batch of improvements to ASP.NET Web Forms development in the Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 release
  • Help make Edit and Continue better! – Anthony D. Green is after your feedback about Edit and Continue support in Visual Studio to help them focus efforts on improving it
  • Update to SIMD Support – Immo Landwerth makes the announcement of updated NuGet Packages for the RyuJIT and SIMD support, including the support for RyuJIT on non-Windows 8 machines via .NET 4.5.2
  • Troy Hunt: How not to "hide" sensitive data in plain sight with view state – Troy Hunt discusses ViewState, and how some developers use it to store too much information leading to potential security risks.
  • A better domain events pattern – Jimmy Bogard discusses the use of Domain Events to help create a fully encapsulated domain model, and looks at the risks of having static dispatching and the effects of that action being returned immediately resulting in higher coupling
  • AngularJS – Part 16, Forms – Gabriel Schenker resumes his series looking at the AngularJS framework, continuing with a look at creating forms with validation