• Windows Management Framework 5.0 Preview May 2014 is now available – John Lisco of the Windows PowerShell team shares the announcement of the release of the Windows Management Framework 5.0 May 2014 Preview, adding a new module called PowerShellGet to the functionality from the previous preview release.
  • DebugDiag 2 Update 1 is now available – The DebugDiag Team announce the release of Update 1 of DebugDiag 2, a release which addresses a number of issues reported with DebugDiag 2.0 as well as introducing three new features


  • A 30 Minute Look At ASP.NET vNext – Jon Galloway shares a nice walkthrough of the key pieces of information (along with links to further detailed content) about the ASP.NET vNext plans and platform.
  • F#27 : Asynchronous Workflows – Sasha Barber continues his look at the F# language and way of programming with a look at F#’s Asynchronous Workflows, as well as looking at how it is similar to the async/await in C#.
  • Just Azure – Just Azure is a new Azure Community support site from the folks over at Cerebrata / RedGate, featuring top quality articles on a wide range of topics relating to Windows Azure.
  • New Getting-Started Resources for Azure Cloud Services and ASP.NET – Rick Anderson highlights the latest getting started with Azure Cloud Services content on the official Azure site
  • Azure Implementation Guidelines – The Color Of Azure (#007FFF) – Santiago Cánepa, Hugo Salcedo and Greg Hinkel share a detailed Azure Implementation Guide document, looking generally at the process, components and resources involved in most Azure deployments
  • Unit Testing Roslyn-Based Extensions – Jason Bock takes a look at writing Unit Tests for extensions based on Roslyn, exploring ho he added test to a diagnostic extension he had created.
  • Branching and Merging: Ten Pretty-Good Practices – Konrad Lukasik takes a look at some strategies and best practices for merging in branches of changes via Source Code Control.
  • OdeToCode Videos – K.Scott Allen highlights 4 (now 5) video screencasts he is sharing about the features of the next version of JavaScript (ECMAScript 6)