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The Morning Brew #1076

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  • C#/.NET Little Wonders: Skip() and Take() – James Michael Hare continues his little wonders series looking at the Skip and Take LINQ methods, also exploring the SkipWhile and TakeWhile methods to create subsequences of values.
  • Targeting the right .NET Framework Profile: Missing Types and Methods? – Brian Grunkemeyer blogs on the BCL team blog looking at the .NET Client Profile in .NET 4, looking at how an understanding of profiles and references is key to understanding why certain framework features are unavailable, and also discussing the portable class library approach.
  • Transform app.config and web.config – Mehdi Khalili discusses using transformations on your configuration files, exploring how tools such as CodeAssassin.ConfigTransform and SlowCheetah can help you further enable transformations to help with CI scenarios.


  • Welcome to the website of the UK Windows Azure Users Group – The London Windows Azure User Group are expanding theiir operations up to Manchester for an event on Wednesday 4th April where Michael Royster, Becca Martin and John Mitchel will be delivering on ‘Win 8 and Azure; Agile and Azure perfect bedfellows’. The group is also continuing its events series in London, with ‘Navigating the cloud with diagnostics, storage and PowerShell’ featuring Gaurav Mantri on 3rd April. Registration is required for these events.
  • Microsoft UK TechDays Azure BootCamp 11th and 18th May – Lee Stott highlights two new Windows Azure Bootcamp events in May. The first, held in London is on Friday 11th May, and the second is being held in Liverpool on Friday 18th May. Registration is required for these free events, and spaces are limited.
  • Microsoft UK TechDays Windows Phone BootCamp 12th and 19th May – In addition to the Azure events, there will be Windows Phone Bootcamps on the Saturday following each, meaning Saturday 12th May in London, and Saturday 19th May in Liverpool. Again, registration is required, and the will fill up quickly.

The Morning Brew #1075

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  • ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Razor and Open Source and what it means – Jimmy Bogard discusses the announcement that various parts of the ASP.NET Stack are to be made open source and accepting contributions, giving his perspective on what this means, and discussing the common questions about quality, support and trust that go along with such a change, sharing his perspective from working on AutoMapper and making it open source.
  • Microsoft’s new Open Sourced Stacks – Miguel de Icaza discusses the announcement and shares what it means for the Mono Project, discussing the complication of bringing ASP.NET MVC 4 into Mono due to the current lack of support for Async in the Mono ASP.NET Implementation, and looking to the community for assistance in making this happen.
  • ASP.NET MVC Now Accepting Pull Requests – Phil Haack discusses the announcement, explaining some of the organisational and legal aspects involved in making such a move to open source with contributions.
  • RabbitMQ for Windows: Exchange Types – Derek Greer continues his series looking at the use of RabbitMQ from .NET on Windows with this post exploring the 4 different types of exchange which control the routing of messages into queues.
  • HTML5: The difference between an App and a Page. – Joe Stagner discusses some of the differences between the concept of an HTML5 Application and a HTML5 page, discussing in the context of the Mozilla Open App framework and the HTML5 platform
  • Anti-templating languages – Rob Ashton discusses his dislike of JavaScript templating libraries which claim to remove logic from views, although in some cases they actually go as far as hiding logic in custom mark-up languages.
  • Start – Java Enterprise Performance Book – dynaTrace share their work in progress on an online book which covers aspects of performance and scalability. While the title suggest this is a Java based discussion there is plenty of good cross platform content in there as well.
  • 8 Best Microsoft .Net Development Tools | ZoomZum – Vikas shares 8 of the best .NET development tools most of which are open source or free, and all are well worth checking out if you haven’t already got them in your tool belt.

The Morning Brew #1074

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  • ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Razor and Open Source – Scott Guthrie announces the big news today, that the ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web API and Razor view engine are being released as open source, on CodePlex using the new Git functionality, and will be taking community contributions which will be reviewed by Microsoft for potential inclusion in future versions
  • ASP.NET MVC 4, ASP.NET Web API and ASP.NET Web Pages v2 (Razor) now all open source with contributions – No ASP.NET announcement is complete without at least 2 posts from people called Scott, and Scot Hanselman shares his take on the announcement in this post, discussing what the release in for open source form means to developers, and how it fits in with the wider ASP.NET ecosystem.
  • Visual Studio Ultimate Roadmap – Jason Zander shares some of his insight into the Visual Studio Ultimate road map, following up on his DevConnections session in blog form.
  • Announcing a Build Service for Team Foundation Service – Brian Harry announces a new Build Service for Team Foundation Service on Azure. This allows you to use a pool of Microsoft managed build machines to perform your build on the hosted Windows Azure version of TFS


  • ASP.NET Web API – Screencast series Part 6: Authorization – Jon Galloway wraps up his six part screencast series looking at various aspects of the ASP.NET Web API, with part 6 exploring authentication, and the use of the built in Authorisation Filter.
  • ASP.NET Security Extensibility Whitepaper Published – Tom Dykstra highlights a new whitepaper from Stefan Schakow which focuses on a number of security related features in ASP.NET 4, and how the request validation process changes between .NET 2 and .NET 4.
  • IQueryable<T> is Tight Coupling – Mark Seemann discusses how the use of IQueryable as your API can result in tight coupling of code which consumes the API to that of the underlying implementation behind the API.
  • 5 1/2 F# features every C# programmer should lust after – Ivan Towlson shares a look at some of the tasty features in the F# language that developers who program in C# should be lusting after, showing off some great F# features which don’t exist on the C# side of the .NET fence.
  • Providing Synchronous / Asynchronous Flexibility With jQuery.when – Derick Bailey takes a look at the jQuery.when functionality and how it allows you to support both asynchronous and synchronous code without having to care which you are actually dealing with.
  • "An Omega Geek’s Guide to Learning PowerShell" – Greg Duncan highlights a post from Howard van Rooijen which gathers together a great collection of resources regarding all aspects of PowerShell scripting, including blogs, whitepapers, webcasts, books, tooling, guides – you name it it’s there.
  • Steganography – Hiding data in plain site – I’ve always enjoyed the ideas of Steganography, right from invisible ink as a child, and this interesting CodeProject article from Phoenix Roberts discusses the art of hiding data inside pictures

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