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The Morning Brew #379

Posted by on 30 Jun 2009 | Tagged as: .NET, Development, Morning Brew


The Morning Brew #378

Posted by on 29 Jun 2009 | Tagged as: .NET, Development, Morning Brew


  • Principals, Code-Behind, & View Engines – K. Scott Allen highlights his article in MSDN Magazine this month (available online) on ‘Guiding Principles for your ASP.NET MVC Applications’, along with Justin Etheredge’s piece on ‘Building Testable ASP.NET MVC Applications’
  • C# 4.0 Dynamics vs. Reflection – Kevin Rohling compares the performance of the new .NET 4 Dynamics to that of Reflection and direct property access. The results aren’t really a surprise, but the interesting bit is how close the dynamic gets to the direct property
  • Elegant Code Project Structure Purse Fight – Chris Brandsma posts a summary of a recent healthy discussion on the Elegant Code private mailing list looking at the great debate of how to structure your .NET Solutions
  • The MVC T4 template is now up on CodePlex, and it does change your code a bit – David Ebbo releases his ASP.NET MVC T4 Template, and discusses the implementation details, along with the feedback about having the template change some of your code.
  • First Chapter for my selenium book – Manish Chakravarty releases the first chapter of a book on Selenium, the Web application testing framework from ThoughtWorks
  • Code Samples, Documentation, and Twitter! – The Visual Studio Editor Team are looking to engage with the Developer community, and have released a number of samples for extending the Visual Studio Editor experience in VS2010, along with releasing updated documentation, and engaging with Devs over Twitter
  • Z is for… Zermatt – Jim O’Neil reaches Z in his A to Z series, with a look at the ‘Geneva’ Identity and Access management Framework, which was previously known as Zermatt.
  • Real World Refactoring – Joshua Flanagan talks about a recent real world refactoring he undertook on the Docu documentation generation tool (which takes .NET XML summary files and generates nice simple HTML documentation).
  • Useful VS Key Sequences/Shortcuts – Jean-Paul S. Boodhoo shares some keyboard short cuts in Visual Studio, including both the long hand keyboard shortcut and any short versions too
  • Fighting Fabricated Complexity – Patrick Smacchia looks at Fabricated Complexity, the complexity of a method due to its implementation, and looks at techniques for fighting this form of complexity
  • Is It Too Late To Change JSON? – Phil Haack follows on from his recent post on hijacking JSON arrays with some discussion of what can be done to browsers and the JSON standard to help avoid this type of exploit

The Morning Brew #377

Posted by on 26 Jun 2009 | Tagged as: .NET, Development, Morning Brew

Update: Corrected the post number to 377, that is what I get for rushing in the morning – thanks to Bill Craun for pointing it out.


  • New release of WPF Toolkit, now with charts! – Jaime Rodriguez highlights the latest release of the WPF Toolkit (June 2009 Release), with the significant new feature of Charting, along with the usual bugfixes
  • Windows 7: Be first. Save half. – ‘sachinp’ highlights the Windows Pre-Order introductory offer, including some substantial savings on the list prices. Restrictions do apply, and sadly (for me) this also seems to be a US only offer



  • VAN Meeting with Ryan Svihla on the Castle Project – Zachariah Young announces two Virtual Alt.Net Events for the Folks in the US (8pm GMT-5 start is too late for me in the UK). These events features Ryan Svihla talking on the Castle Windsor IOC Container and also Castle Monorail, ActiveRecord and Brail

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