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The Morning Brew #1431

Posted by on 30 Aug 2013 | Tagged as: .NET, Development, Morning Brew


  • Unity DI Container now supports Windows Phone – Grigori Melnik announces the release of the Unity Dependency Injection Container for the Windows Phone 8 platform, and its inclusion in the Unity NuGet package
  • YUI 3.12.0 Released – The YUI team announce the release of YUI 3.12.0 after a series of release candidate releases. This version includes updates to a number of the UI components including the App Framework, Charts and Tab View.
  • What’s new in SQL Server 2014 (CTP1)? – Prakash Tripathi gives a useful overview of the new features in SQL Server 2014’s CTP 1 release, as well as providing the link to the more detailed product guide.


  • Ability to debug Optimized Code (Optimized Debugging) – The Visual C++ team have started their planning for the next version of Visual Studio, and are looking for feedback on a potential feature to allow the debugging of optimised code. If this is of interest to you, give them a hand by filling in this short survey.
  • NuGet 2.7 Package Restore Consent Errors – The Nuget team share some of the causes and a solution for users experiencing problems with NuGet Package restore consent in the 2.7 release of NuGet.
  • Acceptance Testing with FitNesse: Documentation and Infrastructure – Michael Sorens continues with his series looking at the use of FitNesse for acceptance testing, in this part taking a look at the available documentation for the tool and looking at getting the required infrastructure set up for testing in .NET
  • HTML5 Threading with Web Workers and Data Storage with IndexedDB – Wallace B. McClure explores some more HTML5 features in his latest Scripting Junkie article exploring the use of Web Workers for background processing, and storing data locally on the client.
  • ASP.NET Web API + Attribute based Routing – Bnaya Eshet takes a look at the forthcoming attribute based routing features in ASP.NET Web API, looking at how you can combine it with the existing attributes to better define rest like APIs.
  • The importance of comments – Ayende discusses commenting in code, highlighting how the documenting what individual lines of code do style of commenting is the one that you can for-go with good clean code, but the overall meaning and the ‘why’ of the code really should be expressed as a comment.

The Morning Brew #1430

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  • Readying Windows 8.1 for release – Antoine Leblond announces the news that Windows 8.1 has reached the RTM milestone, and is now headed to the various hardware partner organisations, with general availability occurring on October 18th.



  • DDD North 2013 – Registration for DDD North, to be held on Saturday 12th October 2013, have opened this morning – as is usual with DDD events you will need to be quick to get a place, so if you haven’t already, get signing up for what looks to be another great conference

The Morning Brew #1429

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  • Visual Studio Unit Test Generator v1 "lands" – Willy-P. Schaub announces the V1 release of the Visual Studio Unit Test Generator, a project from the ALM Rangers. This code generation tooling deals with all the boiler plate code required for testing allowing the developer to focus on the actual test implementation code.
  • Mozilla Firefox CSS Parser Ported to C# – Athari shares a porting of the Mozilla FireFox 22 CSS parsing code, taking the implementation in C++ to C# and providing a useful way of parsing CSS into a useful object model. This CodeProject article discusses the implementation and its use, as well as sharing the code.
  • The .NET Universe Poster for 2013 is now available – Greg Duncan highlights the .NET Universe poster, a download from Microsoft which shows all the main .NET SDKs, libraries and packages that make up the .NET universe. Available as a PDF


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