• JSON Debugger Visualizer in Visual Studio 2013 – Avneep Dhanju announces the inclusion of a JSON Debugger Visualiser as a part of the Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 which allows you to take a string representation of JSON and view it as nested ‘objects’ in the debugger.
  • All the pieces of a feature – Ayende discusses all the ‘other’ (often annoying) bits involved in completing a feature – a list that is well worth remembering next time you think you are done on something.
  • Marcus Node Bits: Git is not that hard, but I need to refresh my knowledge – Marcus Hammarberg is mid way through an interesting series discussing various aspects of Node development, and other associated development topics, in this post discussing the use of git, and previously exploring packages, test runners, callbacks and much more. There are still a few posts to come in the series.
  • .NET Memory Analysis: Object Inspection – Andrew Chan discusses another Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 feature whcih enables additional stories with analysing memory use and diagnosing issues
  • Response 400 (Bad Request) on Long Url – Amy Dullard discusses issues with long URLs on IIS and HTTP.sys, along with some settings which may help resolve the issues.
  • Boot Time Analysis – Alois Kraus discusses system boot time, and looks at how you can help improve it with some settings
  • Windows Azure Storage Analytics SDP Package – Kevin Williamson shares a post looking at the Windows Azure Analytics SDP package which provides diagnostics on your Azure instances, helping diagnose storage issues.
  • modern.IE Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary and 1 Million Hours Saved – The Internet Explorer Team celebrate the 1st Anniversary of the Modern.IE site which provides testing tools to help you ensure that your applications function correctly across a range of browsers