• Checklist: What NOT to do in ASP.NET – Scott Hanselman highlights a talk (recorded) and whitepaper which outline a number of things which used to be best practice in ASP.NET at some point in its now 10+ year history, and highlights some of the things you should do to replace these outdated techniques.
  • Putting WebForms DataBinding front and centre | Glimpse Blog – Graham Mendick discusses the new Glimpse WebForms Databinding feature showing how you can use it to identify issues and causes of databinding issues.
  • The Developer’s Reference Guide to Small Basic – The First 5 Chapter – Ed Price highlights the availability of the first 5 chapters of the Small Basic Developers Reference Guide, giving an introduction and overview of the language before diving into references of Program, TextWindow and GraphicsWindow objects.
  • Deserialize to ExpandoObject with Json.NET – Tom DuPont takes a look at the JSON.NET support for deserialising JSON data into ExpandoObjects, and looking at a case where this is a very useful feature.
  • Html.AntiForgeryToken – Balancing Security with Usability – Doug Rathbone takes a look at the AntiForgery Token in ASP.NET discussing both the pros and cons of its use in terms of security of your application, and some of the more negatives such as back button issues, percieved stability of the application, etc.
  • How Do You Make Software? – Erik Dietrich discusses the differing approaches to writing software that different types of organisation take, depending on their organisational style, products and the role of the code within the organisation.
  • 折伏 – as it relates to coding – Theo Schlossnagle shares an alternative take on the ‘interruptions are a bad thing for developers’ debate.