• VS/TFS 2013.2 (Update 2) CTP Released – Brian Harry announces the release of a CTP of the second update to Visual Studio 2013. This update is more substantial than update 1, and the CTP is not yet feature complete and does not have a a go-live license, but is available if you want to see what is coming, including lots of ALM related features.


  • MSDN Magazine: February 2014 – The February edition of MSDN Magazine is available online, featuring articles on .NET 4.5.1, JavaScript Performance in Windows Store applications, AOP, Async and much more
  • P2 Magazine – The 8th, and 1st of 2014, edition of ThoughtWorks P2 Magazine is also available online, with features on converting from SVN to Git, working at higher levels of abstraction, Continuous Delivery on Windows, and automated development workstation setup.
  • Using Entity Framework 6 with PostgreSQL – Rob Conery takes a look at using Entity Framework 6 in conjunction with PostreSQL, walking through the set up required, and exploring its use in performing common EF related tasks.
  • Dynamic action return with Web API 2.1 – Filip W highlights a less well know feature of the ASP.NET Web API 2.1 release whcih added support for a dynamic return type in actions, showing an example of it in use.
  • Building Modern Web Apps with ASP.NET – A new day of free ASP.NET Training for 2014 – Scott Hanselman highlights a series of online training which fills a whole day created by the members of the teams who create the products and made available online
  • Barbarian Meets Knockout: Introduction to Knockout.js Observable Arrays – Jaime González García continues his series looking at Knockout, with a look at the concepts and use of Observable Arrays


  • LIDNUG: Architecting Cross-Platform Applications – The Linked .Net Users Group (LIDNUG) have a virtual session taking place on Wednesday 12th February at 6PM where Ross Dargan will be looking at creating a cross platform application in C# across iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows Modern Apps and WPF