• NAudio 1.7 Release Notes – Mark Heath announces the release of NAudio 1.7, the latest update to this .NET Audio and MIDI library, adding support for MediaFoundation encoders and decoders, migrating to .NET 3.5 and much much more.
  • Announcing the new – Brian Jones announce the launch of the new Developer site for Office (+SharePoint and Lync)


  • Put your controllers on a diet: GETs and queries – Jimmy Bogard continues his series of posts looking at slimming down your ASP.NET MVC Controllers, in this part looking at introducing queries to represent the work being done in the GET actions
  • Web publishing updates for app offline and usechecksum – Sayed-Ibrahim-Hashimi shares the details of some of the enhancements to Web Publishing in Visual Studio 2013, discussing the App Offline functionality and checksum verification features.
  • My eBook Free During AngleBrackets – Shawn Wildermuth announces the news that his eBook ‘The Opinionated Software Developer: What 25 years of slinging code has taught me’ is available as a free eBook until 31st October.
  • Security Driven .NET – Another interesting looking eBook is Security Driven .NET from Stan Drapkin – a 70 page guide to all tings .NET Security ($19)
  • C# Preprocessor Directives – Richard Carr shares a useful reference sheet for the pro-processor directives available to control compilation. Note: the standard Windows 8.1 PDF reader doesn’t appear to like this file)
  • This consultant shows you one weird trick to take down a managed database – Rob Ashton discusses the large object heap, and how doing certain things with RavenDB can cause problems with your server’s memory use


  • Meetings – What’s new for developers in Windows 8.1 with Gill Cleeren – The .NET Developer Network Usergroup in Bristol welcome Gill Cleeren for a session looking at Windows 8.1 development on the evening of Wednesday 13th November at the University of West England.
  • DDD Brisbane – Sat 7th December – The Developer Developer Developer series of conferences headed over sea’s a few years abck and the latest instalment in Australia is DDD Brisbane on Saturday 7th September. The conference is now accepting session submissions.