• Introducing Octokit.NET – Phil Haack announces the release of Octokit.NET, making .NET the thrid platform to have a client library for connecting to the GitHub API, written against .NET 4.5 and licensed using the MIT license this open source project provides a rich API for working with GitHub.
  • Visual Studio 2012 tools for Git RTM – Brian Harry announces the RTM release of the Visual Studio 2012 tools for Git. This is the final build of their iterative prototype of the Visual Studio 2013 Git tooling created for Visual Studio 2012.
  • Hardcore Debugging for .NET Developers (not for the faint of heart) – Rodney Viana releases a WinDBG extension which provides a way of querying a .NET process (Live or Dump file) as though it’s heap was a database making it easier to find information you need for your debugging. This project usef to be an internal tool at MS, but is now released as freeware.


  • Viewing Your Code Through Visual Studio’s CodeLens – Richard Banks discusses the use of the Visual Studio 2013 Code Lens functionality, walking through the new ways in which it allows you to explore your code.
  • Professional Code – Erik Dietrich discusses the concept of ‘Professional Code’, and what that concept means to him and others
  • New Tutorial Published on Migrating to ASP.NET Identity – ‘suhasbj’ highlights a new tutorial posted on the ASP.NET site which looks at the process of migrating ASP.NET Membership over to the new ASP.NET Identity framework, and shows how this allows to to subsequently leverage Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft accounts in your own applications.
  • Var Wars – Jakub Chodounsky discusses the use and reticence to the use of the var keyword, exploring situations where var is essential, helpful and confusing.
  • Abstract Away & Abstract Into – Peter Gillard-Moss discusses the concepts behind the pattern ‘Abstract Away’, a technique for hiding a 3rd Party library behind your own limited interface, and discusses an alternative approach ‘Abstract Into’ which in certain circumstances may be more appropriate.
  • Code-First Migration and Extending Identity Accounts in ASP.NET MVC 5 and Visual Studio 2013 – John Atten takes a look at some of the changes in ASP.NET MVC 5 and Visual Studio 2013 regarding the use of Entity Framework Migrations and the new ASP.NET Identity Framework in this CodeProject article
  • Create an Angular App in Seconds with Hot Towel – John Papa shares a look at what the Hot Towel Single Page Web Application NuGet package for Angular gives you in terms of a jump start with setting up your project.