• Math from scratch, part ten: integer comparisons – Eric Lippert continues his Math From Scratch series looking at implementing basic mathematics support in C# using only the most basic of types continuing with his exploration of Integer mathematics with a look at comparisons between integers
  • Code Review Like You Mean It – Phil Haack discusses the use of GitHub Pull Requests for Code Reviewing, sharing some best practices for code reviewing and looking at the process in GitHub.
  • Knockout.js 3.0 Highlights – Ryan Niemeyer highlights the release of Knockout 3.0 last week, and shares a 20 minute video session walking through the major changes and new features.
  • Hands On Lab: Building a Multiple View Single Page Application (SPA) – Jason Haley continues adding to his Single Page Application resources section with a great step by step labs exercise to build a Single Page Web Application using jQuery, RequireJS, Durandal and Knockout.
  • Choosing the right cross-platform mobile framework – Lee Stott takes a brief look at the wide range of frameworks available for building cross platform mobile applications – a useful resource if you are looking to start a project in this area and are unsure of your technology choice.


  • LIDNUG Presents: Scott Guthrie Open Q&A #17 – LIDNUG welcome Scott Guthrie for the 17th(!) edition of his Question and Answer session via live webcast on the evening of Thursday 7th November 18:00 GMT. These sessions are always a great opportunity to learn more about the products that Scott works on, and to get answers to your questions.