Rather short edition today…for the first time ever my (manual) article marking and reviewing process went wrong, and I seem to have lost a number of the posts I was going to include today 🙁


  • Announcing Storage Client Library 2.1 RTM & CTP for Windows Phone – The Windows Azure Storage team announce the RTM release of the Storage Client Library 2.1 along with previews of the library for Windows Phone and Windows RT. In both cases the release includes a huge selection of new features, improvements and supported scenarios.


  • Tracing application via ETW in .NET 4.5 – Sergei B. Meleshchuk highlights the recent improvements to Event Tracing for Windows support in .NET 4.5 and takes a look at getting up and running with ETW to replace traditional Console.WriteLine type logging.
  • TypeScript is to JavaScript as C++ is to C – Bill Wagner discusses the motivations for TypeScript as a language and enhancement over traditional JavaScript, drawing on a comparison to the relationship between C and C++ in terms of the improvements it gives.
  • Intro to Unit Testing 7: Overcoming Inertia and Objections – Erik Dietrich continues his series looking at Unit Testing with a post discussing the why of unit testing, and also a look at a number of the common objections and adoption issues you may encounter when introducing unit testing as a practice.
  • Storing the Android MiniPCs Site’s Log Files in Windows Azure Blobs – Roger Jennings takes a look at logging from Windows Azure Websites into Windows Azure Blob storage and obtaining the data back out and some of the tooling which makes it easier to access