• Verbatim identifiers – Eric Lippert takes a short look at the Verbatim Identifier syntax in C# which allows the use of keywords as identifiers for variables, and some of the problems that introducing new keywords to the language can cause with an example from the .NET 1.0 to 2.0 transition
  • 30 Days of TDD: Day One – What is TDD and Why Should I Use It? – James Bender kicks off a new 30 part series looking at Test Driven Development, providing a good introduction for developers who have never tried it before.
  • Hadoop for .NET Developers: Understanding Hadoop Streaming – Bryan C Smith continues his series looking at the use of Hadoop from a .NET Developers perspective with a look at how Hadoop Streaming allows for the use of .NET with the essentially Java based Hadoop.
  • F# News: Ten F# one-liners to impress your friends – Jon Harrop shares 10 useful little snippets of code which do useful things in F#
  • Fun with Favicons – Eric Lawrence takes us into the wonderful world of the FavIcon image, discussing how the format came about, some of its capabilities, and some of the improvements in Internet Explorer 11
  • The Dark Side Of Software Development That No One Talks About – John Sonmez talks about an important issue which is not discussed enough, but occurs all too frequently in our industry. Read it, understand it, and make sure you aren’t part of the problem.