• AutoMapper 3.0 released – Jimmy Bogard announces the release of AutoMapper 3.0. The significant feature of this release is that it is now a Portable Class Library with support for .NET 4+, Silverlight4+, Windows Phone 7.5+ , WinRT and other Portable Class Libraries. There are also some new features for LINQ based projection, and also the addition of comments to the source.
  • WCF Data Services 5.6.0 Release – The WCF Data Services Team announce the release of WCF Data Services 5.6.0, which includes Visual Studio 2013 support, portable library support for the client side components, integration of the URI Parser and much more.
  • Humanizer V0.5 – Mehdi Khalili announces an update to his Humanizer library which makes values more human friendly, both in code and in application output. This release introduces a fluent interface for working with times and dates
  • Get Angular, Durandal, and JavaScript Templates with SideWaffle – John Papa highlights SideWaffle, a project which makes installing project templates easy into Visual Studio, and includes templates for Angular, Durandal, and creating a JavaScript created by John