• Visual Studio Unit Test Generator v1 "lands" – Willy-P. Schaub announces the V1 release of the Visual Studio Unit Test Generator, a project from the ALM Rangers. This code generation tooling deals with all the boiler plate code required for testing allowing the developer to focus on the actual test implementation code.
  • Mozilla Firefox CSS Parser Ported to C# – Athari shares a porting of the Mozilla FireFox 22 CSS parsing code, taking the implementation in C++ to C# and providing a useful way of parsing CSS into a useful object model. This CodeProject article discusses the implementation and its use, as well as sharing the code.
  • The .NET Universe Poster for 2013 is now available – Greg Duncan highlights the .NET Universe poster, a download from Microsoft which shows all the main .NET SDKs, libraries and packages that make up the .NET universe. Available as a PDF