Monday is a Public Holiday here in the UK (the last one before Christmas!) and as is Brew tradition, there will be no edition on Monday. Posting will resume on Tuesday. Have a good weekend.


  • NuGet 2.7 Released – The NuGet Team announce the stable RTM release of NuGet 2.7. The RTM sees no further changes over the previous Release Candidate
  • Portable Compression is now stable – Immo Landwerth announces the stable release of the Portable Compression Library from the BCL team. The library can now be obtained from the regular NuGet Feed and supports Deflate and Gzip compression of streams and reading and writing of ZIP files across a variety of platforms.


  • Improved Package Restore – Immo Landwerth discusses how NuGet Package Restore has in the past had issues with some of the BCL team’s packages, and discusses how the improvements in NuGet 2.7 and some changes in their infrastructure build package have made this less bad.
  • Javascript Frameworks Are Amazing and Nobody Is Happy – Rob Conery discusses how software development has changed over his lifetime, and how during that progress we sometimes need things which are less than ideal, and how developer love to hate on things they don’t use
  • Compare Durandal to Angular, Not Knockout to Angular – John Papa discusses how not al JavaScript frameworks are alike, looking at how the comparison of Knockout and Angular is not a fair comparison as they do and achieve different things.
  • li>Thankk you – no thank you! Visual Studio Spell Checker – Iris Classon highlights a useful Visual Studio extension which provides spell checking in the IDE meaning typos (and spelling mistakes) that the compiler will never catch should be a thing of the past

  • Complex types and Azure Mobile Services – Carlos Figueira discusses how the changes to Azure Mobile Services for the RTM which brought the widespread use of JSON.NET for serialisation made working with complex types easier, and looks at an example of the simplified use in this post


  • Crafty Coders Code Retreat, Bromsgrove – The Crafty Coders usergroup are running a free Code Retreat event on Saturday 31st August 2013. The event, taking place in Bromsgrove, will feature a day of pair programming in C# (and maybe VB) suitable for all levels, complete with a pub lunch. There are still a few tickets remaining, so be quick if you want to attend