• Announcing TypeScript – Jonathan Turner announces the RTM release of TypeScript, a release which addresses 25 issues from the community addressing things like compiler crashes, memory consumption, etc. as well as bringing back some functionality to help larger codebases transition to the latest version.
  • EF6 Release Candidate Available – Rowan Miller announces the release candidate of Entity Framework 6 with library available from NuGet and tooling from the Download center. The RC contains a few new features include SQL Logging/interception, support for the designer when targeting .NET 4, improvements to testability and a general API review and improvements.


  • Semantic Markdown – Nik Molnar discusses the Markdown markup language, and its various incarnations and extensions implemented by users of the language, as well as the movement for Semantic Markdown to allow the language to be used for more things.
  • Why all objects are truthy in JavaScript – Dr. Axel Rauschmayer discusses why all objects in JavaScript behave as true for truth tests, along with some strange cases like Boolean(false) and document.all
  • Awesome Libraries For C# Developers #1 – Interactive Extensions – Anoop Madhusudanan takes a look at the less well know library from the Reactive Extensions team. The Interactive Extensions bring a number us utility methods to working with LINQ statements.
  • From Console.WriteLine To ETW – Alois Kraus takes a look at re-purposing Console.WriteLine debugging / tracing statements in an application and redirecting them to Event Tracing for Windows by intercepting the writer backing the console.
  • GivenWhenThen – Martin Fowler discusses the Given When Then format for specification by example and behaviour Driven Development discussing the parts and also how its use has application beyond just doing BDD.
  • re: How memory mapped files, filesystems and cloud storage works – Ayende has been exploring Memory Mapped files and has sparked some discussion of Memory Mapped files, including the one he highlights here from Kelly Sommers, and in this post highlights the ability to over provision sparse memory mapped files on disk.
  • Implementing Two Factor Authentication in ASP.NET MVC with Google Authenticator – Rick Bassham takes a look at implementing 2 factor authentication in youir own application using the same algorithm as Google (and a number of others) use, meaning that the authenticator applications already in existence can be used with your application.


  • Virtual book club.. who is in? – SQLDenis invites you to join the virtual branch of his work development book club. The first book they are tackling is SQL Server Execution Plans, Second Edition by Grant Fritchey, which is available as a free ebook making getting involved with the group even easier (and cheaper)