• What is new on Mono & PlayScript – Miguel de Icaza shares the slides from his MonkeySpace session looking at what is new is the Mono framework, and also discusses Zynga’s PlayScript language, a language based on ActionScript augmented with C#5 features running through th Mono C# 5 Compiler.
  • Onion Architecture: Part 4 – After Four Years – Jeffrey Palermo recaps on the Onion Architecture along with sharing a simpler code example implementation of his architectural pattern
  • Learn TypeScript to Improve Your JavaScript – Jaime González discusses the TypeScript Language and takes a look at the output JavaScript code as a way of improving your understanding of the correct ways to implement some of the more complicated JavaScript constructs.
  • TypeScript State Machines – Dan takes a look at porting a previous State Machine sample from C# to JavaScript using the strong typing of TypeScript to make the transition easier, and also providing a good opportunity to talk about the various TypeScript constructs.
  • Contributing to OSS projects made easy – Daniel Cazzulino discusses a simple, yet good thing to make it easier for people to contribute to your Open Source projects by providing a settings file to allow the user’s environment to be configured as per your projects coding style.
  • Connecting the Windows Phone 8 Emulator to Web API Applications on a Local Computer – Robert McMurray takes a look at the process of getting the Windows Phone 8 Emulator to connect to Web API based applications running on the local machine – something which is more complicated since the emulator moved to Hyper V.
  • TFS Internal Usage Statistics – 1st Half CY 2013 – Erin Dormier shares some statistics from the first half of 2013 on the use of TFS by the various teams within Microsoft – with over 200 million source files and 20 million+ work items that sure is a lot of code managed
  • Microspeak: The train – Raymond Chen also posted on Source Control yesterday, discussing how the Windows team manage merging between branches and how this coined a term ‘The Train’ in relation to getting things committed in time to make it into a merge.
  • New Guide: Dependency Injection with Unity – Grigori Melnik announces the release of a new guide-primer on Dependency Injection using Unity. Available both as a free eBook (ePUB and PDF) its also available in Kindle and Hard copy form from Amazon.