Short edition today, due to restricted time because of bad traffic on my commute



  • Katana License Lifts Windows-only Restriction – Howard Dierking recaps on the licensing restriction regarding platform use and announces a change to the licensing of the Katana project to permit use on other platforms.
  • Scriptcs and multiline REPL! – Filip W gives an update on some recent changes to the ScriptCS REPL environment, and highlights the new, not yet released in stable build multi-line constructs in the REPL.
  • The Right Tests in the Wrong Order – Mike Jansen discusses the importance of the order of developing your tests for Test Driven Development and how it relates to the overfall understanding of the practice, and getting the best results out of it.
  • In defense of JavaScript’s constructors – Dr. Axel Rauschmayer digs down into the use of constructor for objects in JavaScript, looking at how they work and best practices for their use