Another short edition today I’m afraid…..


  • Major upgrades to Xamarin’s platform: Async is here – Miguel de Icaza announces the exciting news that the Xamarin platform will now features C# async/await support (bringing it in line with C#5), along with providing async method support for the native platform APIs as well.
  • Introducing the KingAOP Framework: Part 1 – Antya Dev shares a look at KingAOP, an Aspect Oriented Programming framework for .NET licensed under the MIT license.
  • MSBuild is now part of Visual Studio! – Will Buik highlights the news that MSBuild has now become part of Visual Studio, and along with this that there is now a stand alone package for the compilers and MSBuild which comes as part of Visual Studio 2013
  • Azure SQL Data Premium Now Available – Bryan Group highlights the preview of the new Windows Azure SQL Data Premium package, providing more performance guarantees for cloud hosted SQL.


  • Self Hosting WebAPI with Katana – K.Scott Allen takes a look at hosting Web API within Katana using the latest pre-release packages for providing a OWIN host.
  • Free APress e-book on GIT! – Tatworth highlights a free e-book from APress on the Git version control systems – something well worth getting a limited understanding of even if you don’t currently use it.
  • Victory Lap for Ask Patents – Joel Spolsky discusses the evilness of software patents, the lengths that companies go to secure patents, and also how it can be possible to overturn patents
  • Stupid Question 222: What is type forwarding in C#? – Iris Classon continues her series of ‘Stupid Question’ posts with a look at Type Forwarding in .NET and how it makes features like portable class libraries possible.