• Why does a foreach loop silently insert an "explicit" conversion? – Eric Lippert takes a look at why the foreach syntax actually performs an explicit cast from the collection value type to the type of the loop variable, and how this differs from anywhere else where a cast would normally be visible in the code, or throw errors.
  • Toggle Function Key Behaviour – Darcy Lussier shares a useful tip for anyone working on a Surface with a touch keyboard, there is a keyboard shortcut which will fix the icon buttons to be their traditional Function Key behaviour
  • Software Tuned to Humanity – Phil Factor discusses the perception of time in software applications, what is reasonable, and what is expected
  • Extending your Tab – Your code, your plugins, part 3 – Anthony van der Hoorn continues hiss series of post looking at building out custom tabs for application specific diagnostics, exploring customising the rendering and layout of your ta UI.
  • Keep Your Fields Private – Nick Cosentino discusses some of the reasoning behind keeping fields of your classes private, looking at the reasons for in the form of abstraction and control
  • REST API for Team Rooms – Brian Harry shares some earl documentation for the forthcoming API for accessing Team Rooms on TFS Service and TFS 2013 preview
  • Getting started with Owin and Katana – Pablo M. Cibraro takes a look at the definition of the OWIN (Open Web Interface in .NET) and explores how you can self host applications using OWIN with the Katana providing the application host.