• NServiceBus 4.0 Released! – Udi Dahan announces the release of NServiceBus 4.0. This release brings RabbitMQ and ActiveMQ support in addition to the usual MSMQ, as well as support for using database tables as queues, and lots more. Udi also highlights the Hands on Labs which give you access to a virtual environment with NServiceBus set up, and allows you to evaluate and learn about it interactively.
  • Introducing Storage Client Library 2.1 RC for .NET and Windows Phone 8 – The Windows Azure Storage Team announces the release candidate release of the Windows Azure Storage Client Library 2.1 for .NET and Windows Phone, supporting async task based API methods, IQueryable support against table service, buffering and performance improvements, new blob APIs and much more.
  • New open source releases: Reactive Extensions (Rx) libraries for Python and Ruby – Brian Benz announces the latest open source releases from Microsoft Open Technologies, Reactive Extensions for Python and Ruby, allowing these languages to make use of the reactive programming style which started out as a Microsoft Research project.