• HttpClient 2.2 is now RC – Immo Landwerth announces the Release Candidate Release of the HttpClient Portable Class Library. This release includes the automatic decompression feature, and assuming there are no problems with the release candidate it will shortly become an RTM release.
  • Chutzpah – Chutzpah 2.4.2 – Matthew Manela announces the release of Chutzpah 2.4.2. This update includes a few bug fixes and also updates the dependency on TypeScript to, as well as introducing a feature to allow the injection of HTML templates into the generated test harness.
  • InRelease Acquisition is complete & Team Foundation Service Update – July 9 – Brian Harry announces the completion of the Microsoft acquisition of InRelease, a release management product which runs against Team Foundation Server, and announce the availability of the first Microsoft iteration of the product. Brian also highlights the latest update to the hosted Team Foundation Server, including a number of new features for agaile project management.