• Signs you’re veering from good API design – Phil Jackson shares a short list of warning ‘smells’ that your RESTful API might not be as RESTful as it should be
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  • Lock vs. Mutex – Sasha Goldshtein takes a look at the behaviour of some smiple sample code generating prime numbers, looking the choice of synchronisation primitive to use wehn synchronising access to the results collection.
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  • Are You Serving Files Insecurely in ASP.NET – Filip Ekberg discusses common coding mistakes which allow access to files that should remain inaccessible in sites (and servers).
  • Creating a simple Tab – Your code, your plugins, part 1 – Anthony Van Der Hoorn kicks off a series of posts looking at building monitoring for your own application into Glimpse by way of an extension to Glimpse which adds a tab to the UI for the information