• Knockout v2.3.0 released; v3.0.0 beta available – Steve Sanderson announces the release of Knockout 2.3.0, along with the beta release of Knockout 3.0.0. The 2.x release brings performance and compatibility improvements along with bugfixes, and a couple of new features, and the 3.0 beta gives a taste of what is to come including substantial new binding features.
  • Spec Explorer 2010 Release 3.5.3146.0 now available! – The Spec Explorer team announce the release of Spec Explorer (2010) 3.5.3146.0 which brings with it support for Visual Studio 2012 in addition to 2010, multi-machine processing, model change detection and a new context menu.


  • C# Performance Benchmark Mistakes, Part Three – The 3rd part of Eric Lippert’s series of Performance Benchmarking common mistakes is available now on In this post Eric discusses the significant difference in the first run of some code due to effects such as JIT compilation, and how performance in one environment does not equal performance in another.
  • Cross-Platform Portable Class Libraries with .NET are Happening – Scott Hanselman highlights recent developments for Portable Class Libraries, discussing how they are useful, looking at a number of the best portable libraries, and discussing how portable class libraries can go cross platform.
  • The Lawyers Won’t Let Us – Phil Haack shares some thoughts on legal departments preventing alternative licensing of products, takes a look at the problem from a legal teams point of view (no change = no risk) and suggests that a good legal team should aim to make things possible.
  • Getting Started With OWIN, Katana, and VS2013 – K. Scott Allen takes a short introductory look at OWIN (Open Web Interface in ,NET) and shows how and why its present in the new ASP.NET templates in Visual Studio 2013, illustrating with a simple example to serve web content from a console application.
  • 30 Years of Hello, World – Jeremy Likness takes a look at the last 30 years of programming languages via the humble ‘Hello World’ program
  • Building The New Financial Times Web App (A Case Study) – Wilson Page discusses some of the web development challenges they encountered while building the Financial Times web application, discussing how demanding briefs for the behaviour and appearance gave some opportunities to innovate on web standards.
  • Essential Knockout.js – Kelly Adams & Mark Michaelis gives a nice introduction to the key concepts and practices for development using Knockout.js in this Visual Studio Magazine article.


  • NxtGenUG – Event: Functional Programming with F# – The Birmingham NxtGenUG welcome Ian Russell for a session exploring functional programming using the F# language, giving an introduction to functional programming and setting you on course to enjoy the ability to solve complex problems with simple maintainable code.
  • Brighton ALT NET @ Brighton Digital Festival – Mike Hadlow highlights the special Brighton Alt.NET event taking place as a part of the Brighton Digital Festival during September 2013.