Closed the laptop too quickly again this morning, which meant it slept before it finished posting – still just about morning here though, so not a complete failure!


  • Glimpse 1.5.0 released – The Glimpse Team announce their latest release, Glimpse 1.5. This release includes improved configuration making it easier to turn options on and off within Glimpse, some improvements to layouts and linking between the HUD and Glimpse consoles
  • Team Explorer Everywhere 2012 Update available – Brian Harry highlights the improvements to Team Explorer Everywhere which are shipped in the Update 3 , including support for TFS 2013 Preview, support for the latest version of Eclipse, improvements to file uploads and comparison
  • CodeSHARPer: A code snippet – Frederico Regateiro highlights CodeSHARPer, a simple C# editor which draws on a number of other open source projects to provide an good editor experience including syntax highlighting and auto complete, useful for those times when you don’t need the full Visual Studio. The project is open source and available on CodePlex.


  • Browser Link – Refresh running application in every browser on Visual Studio 2013 – Gunnar Peipman takes a look at another Visual Studio 2013 features, the browser link between the Visual Studio IDE and all the browsers running your site in the development environment, allowing one click in the IDE to refresh all the browsers. This is an interesting use of SignalR to do the communication.
  • Profiling Entity Framework Code First With MiniProfiler – Ricardo Peres takes a look at using the MiniProfiler to get a better understanding of what is going on with your Entity Framework Code First code, walking through its use in exploring the performance of your applications.
  • The Basics of ASP.NET Performance Optimization – Tiago Pascoal discusses some key concepts in the optimisation of performance in ASP.NET Applications, looking at the use of profiling tools to identify problem areas
  • Improve site load and cache time – ‘NewAmbition’ takes a look at a number of techniques to improve the performance of your ASP.NET applications, including automatic image resizing and compression along with bundling and compression of JavaScript and CSS


  • Working for free and what it taught me – Rob Ashton shares some of the experiences of his time spent working for free across a range of countries, teams and programming languages, sharing some important lessons we should all take heed of.