• Visual Studio Performance – Providing Feedback – Nathan Halstead discusses the importance of those of you who are trying out the Visual Studio 2013 Preview release to give the team feedback, and particularly give them feedback on the performance of the IDE
  • Running the Windows Phone Emulator on Windows 8.1 Preview – Cliff Simpkins shares important news about running the Windows Phone 8 emulator on Windows 8.1 Preview, highlighting the requirement for Update 3 for Visual Studio 2012 to avoid issues.
  • PragPub Magazine for July, new Studio Courses – The Pragmatic Bookshelf announce the availability of PragPub magazines July Edition with insights on developing your career as a developer, the story of GitHub along with articles on Elixir, Closure and C++
  • Internet Explorer 11: "Don’t call me IE" – Nicholas C. Zakas takes a look at Internet Explorer 11, disecting the User Agent string for Internet Explorer 11, discussing the changes, and looks at some of the changes to the JavaScript object model
  • WPF Objects Model Poster – CodeProject – ntg123 shares a computer created poster of the the ‘Whole Picture’ of the WPF types and their relations over on CodeProject
  • Mozilla Firefox 23 Will Block Mixed SSL Content – Anirudha gupta shares the news that the next release of FireFox will block content served up over HTTP when the page is HTTPS, something important to be aware of, meaning that now is the time to go fix any such issues in your sites
  • await Task, Task.Wait and Friends – Mike Taulty sets about de-mystifying Task and Await, looking at which you probably want to use and when, illustrating simple code with examples to aid comprehension