• The answer to the string concatenation puzzle – Eric Lippert shares the less than obvious answers to last weeks string concatenation puzzle, looking at several cases where ‘addition’ of strings produces results you might not expect
  • Two week sprints; twelve month releases – Paul Stovell discusses the importance of actually releasing software to end users as a part of an agile software development process, and the important role of taking that user feedback to improve the product.
  • Introducing $select and $expand support in Web API OData – Javier Calvarro Nelson discusses the inclusion of $select and $exapnd support in the latest version of Web API’s OData implementation, looking at their purpose, use and implementation.
  • Web Essentials 2013: Where is the TypeScript support? – Mads Kristensen discusses the removal of TypeScript support (amongst other features removed) when Web Essentials was ported to Visual Studio 2013, discussing how removal now paves the way for core Visual Studio support to be added without conflicts.
  • Azure Mobile Services Update – Custom APIs – Mike Taulty takes a look at the support for adding custom APIs to Windows Azure Mobile Services via code in Node.js (with .NET support coming soon), walking through a sample implementation.
  • What is claims-based authentication? – Gunnar Peipman prepares the ground for a number of future posts with an explanation of the key concepts of Claims Based Authentication
  • WP8 Speech – Exploring the MVVM pattern – Rob Chambers discusses his experiences implementing a Windows Phone 8 application using the MVVM, sharing parts of the code for the application and discussing the implementation of a number of features
  • Hack Proof Your ASP.NET Application From Cross Site Scripting (XSS) – Sarvesh Kushwaha shares a useful reminder of the different classes of Cross Site Scripting attack possible in web applications, and explores how to protect your applications for exploit
  • A simple jQuery Qunit-based JavaScript Unit Test Project Template – John V Petersen takes a look at testing JavaScript with QUnit based tests using the Chutzpah JavaScript Unit Test Runner and sharing a project template to make it easier to get started writing tests.