I had a really nice evening presenting at the ChesterDevs Usergroup last night – thanks to the organiser and attendees for being so welcoming and also for asking some really good pertinent questions. If you are anywhere nearby I encourage you to check the group out, and what better way to do so than at their next meeting on 3rd July where ‘Friend of the Brew’ Mark Rendle will be giving a session on TypeScript.


  • First look at Windows 8.1 (Video) – Rob Margel shares the video from Jensen Harris’ TechEd session which demonstrates some of the new features and improvements coming in Windows 8.1


  • Clean Code Cheat Sheet – Urs Enzler shares an updated and enhanced Clean Code Cheat Sheet. Available in PDF form, this 4 page cheat sheet details all the key concepts which back the Clean Code idea
  • VS 2013 round tripping – Brian Harry shares some more Visual Studio 2013 news, this time relating to the very important round tripping support which allows 2013 to work with 2010 and 2012 solutions and projects without conversion.
  • PragPub with Elixir; Updated Raspberry Pi – The Pragmatic Programmers highlight their latest edition of PragPub magazine which features articles on a variety of development platforms and languages. This month includes Rails, Elixir and Knockout.
  • See the Intermediate Language for C# Code – Dave Kerr shares an article on Codeplex which details the creation of a Visual Studio addin which allows you to highlight code, and see the IL that represents the code. The extension is available to download, so can also be added to your tool belt easily.
  • Unity – Part 4: Extensions – Development With A Dot – Ricardo Peres continues discussion of the Unity Framework, with a 4th part which looks at extending the functionality of Unity, looking at the registration and configuration of extensions.
  • Celebrating an Energy Efficient Browser on World Environment Day – The Microsoft Green Blog celebrate the news that Internet Explorer 10 is the most eco-friendly browser in terms of its energy efficiency, meaning both good things for your battery life and for the planet.


  • DareDevs: TDD, where did it all go wrong – DareDevs, formerly the Manchester NxtGenUG group, welcome Ian Cooper for a session on Test Driven Development on the evening of Wednesday 19th June.
  • NxtGenUG – Event: Cross platform apps and games. – The Coventry NxtGenUG welcome Simon Jackson for a session on creating games and applications which work across multiple platforms, inculding a look at MonoGame and Xamarin Studio on the evening of Monday 17th June.