• Knockout.js Troubleshooting Strategies – Ryan Niemeyer shares some great debugging and troubleshooting techniques when working with Knockout.js, discussing logging, the use of the console, catching and working with exceptions and also a number of common problems.
  • How to delete Open or Insecure Wi-Fi HotSpots from Windows 8: Wifi.exe Command Line Utility with Source – Scott Hanselman follows on from his recent Hanselminutes podcast with Troy Hunt where wireless security was one of the topics they covered, with a look at how you can remove the remembered networks from your Windows 8 installation.
  • T4 – The Insource Code Monkey – Nick Harrison discusses one of the more unsung heroes in the Development, the code generation possible using T4 Templates, discussing how you probably are using them without even knowing, looking at motivations for uses in your own applications, and exploring how to go about it.
  • ACID 2.0 in action – Jimmy Bogard continues his discussion of getting rid of two phase commit in messaging applications, and takes a look at ACID 2.0, a new version of the ACID acronym which aims to provide guidelines to allow a data model to provide high throughput without traditional locking.
  • LINQ for JavaScript – Kamyar Nazeri takes a look at implementing LINQ functionality in the JavaScript language, sharing implementations for 30 LINQ operations in JavaScript – great if you need this kind of functionality in JavaScript or are curious about the implementation of such functions.