Update: As highlighted in the comments (thanks James) I’m speaking tonight at the ChesterDevs Usergroup, giving a session on Web Sockets and SignalR. I believe all the spaces are taken for the event and have been for a while, which is why I’ve not really mentioned. Really looking forward to it – now if only I can convince the Windows Phone 8 emulator to work correctly on my laptop for one of the demos.

Update2: Yes, I broke the HTML, and everything went bold, should all be back to normal now


  • SQL Server 2014 – Another of the TechEd announcements this week was the announcement of the next version of SQL Server. SQL Server 2014 will include improved performance and availability over 2012 and will add in memory database capabilities along with improved backup and disaster recovery features
  • dotTrace 5.5 EAP: Introducing Subsystems – The team over at JetBrains announce another Early Access Preview programme, this time for dotTrace 5.5. This new version includes subsystem analysis, bookmarking functionality, improved hotspot identification and integration with ReSharper 8 EAP. Check it out, and give feedback to the team.
  • What’s New in Fiddler – Eric Lawrence has been working away on Fiddler and announces the release of version which contains some significant performance improvements, some useful improvements to the session list and timeline tab, Web Sockets support and much more.



  • Skills Matter : Progressive .NET Tutorials May 2013 29-05-13 – All the session recordings from the Progressive .NET Tutorials are now available online, giving you access to some excellent sessions from some great speakers covering all aspect of the cutting edge development technologies, with a focus on single page applications.
  • Build and Deployment – CraftyCoders – The CraftyCoders usergroup based in Bromsgrove are hosting an event on the evening of Thursday 20th June, where there will be three mini-sessions from group members sharing how they go about the build and deployment process.