• Talk to, hear, touch and see your code – Mads Kristensen introduces two recent Visual Studio Extensions he has worked on – Voice Commands and Farticus. Voice Commands adds some voice control for Visual Studio Commands via Windows Speech Recognition, and Farticus is an amusing extension which will notify you of build failures.
  • Zudio – Founders Subscriptions – Friend of the Brew Mark Rendle has been working away on a startup, Zudio, providing tooling for working with Windows Azure Cloud Storage, and is about to go live, and is looking to generate some initial capital with an offer of Founder subscriptions – a limited lifetime subscription for the price of a 2 year subscription. Get in quick, these are bound to go fast.


  • Faster and Offline Browsing using Application Cache in HTML5 – Kunal Chowdhury takes a look at the use of the Application Cache in HTML 5 based applications to provide performance boosts and take your application offline
  • Flight Mode – IndexedDB – Aaron Powell is also continuing with his series looking at the various techniques for offline Web based applications with a look at the now discontinued IndexDB specification.
  • TDD I Learned – Brendan Tompkins highlights the freely available online recording of Roy Osherove’s TDD course kicking off a series sharing his notes from the various recorded lessons.
  • Know Thy .NET Dictionaries – Rob Philpott takes a look a the various dictionary like implementations provided in the ,NET Framework discussing the use and performance of the different types.
  • What is Katana and OWIN for ASP.NET? – Kalyan Bandarupalli shares some notes on the Katana project and OWIN for providing a hosting basis for ASP.NET applications to run on top of
  • Cargo-Culting in JavaScript – James Padolsey enlightens on the term ‘Cargo Cult’ and looks at some of the common ‘Cargo Cult’ programming in JavaScript
  • Why Can’t I Update an Event? – Greg Young discusses the notion of updating an event in an event sourcing context, looking at how generally you shouldn’t ever need to, and discussing how to go about handling the fringe case of actually needing to
  • Why so fabulous? – Eric Lippert provides an amusing anecdote on why his blog is named ‘Fabulous Adventures In Coding’