Update: I clearly don’t know what month it is, the Brew will be back this coming Tuesday, and not in 11 months as previously typed!

Monday is a Public Holiday here in the UK, so in keeping with tradition there will be no Morning Brew on Monday, and I shall return on Tuesday 28th AprilMay. Enjoy the Weekend.


  • Portable HttpClient is now available as RC – Immo Landwerth announces the Release Candidate release of the Portable HttpClient implementation for the .NET Stack. This release, available via NuGet includes all the fixes since the preview release as well as adding a couple of new features. This post also outlines future features planned, and the roadmap for delivery.
  • Announcing the release of AMQP support with Windows Azure Service Bus – Scott Guthrie announces the release of Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) support on the Windows Azure Service Bus as a General Availability Feature. The implementation conforms to AMQP 1.0 and provides interoperable messaging between the service bus and a variety of clients.


  • The mystery of the inserted method – Eric Lippert looks at an interesting case of unexpected behaviour of in C#, exploring how the compiler implements methods for you, when implementing interfaces, and the role of the virtual keyword.
  • Roslyn development environment setup and ramp-up plan – Nitish Jain shares a collection of links to Roslyn related resources, a useful one stop shop to get all the latest Roslyn bits to give a good development experience when working with Roslyn.
  • JavaScript is Web Assembly Language and that’s OK – Scott Hanselman continues his discussion of the use of JavaScript as the Assembly Language of the web looking at some of the impressive things people are achieving in the browser by compiling down to JavaScript.
  • Retrieving the client’s IP address in ASP.NET Web API – Filip W. takes a look at how you can get hold of the clients IP address in different ASP.NET Web API hosting scenarios, and looks at a combined approach to use in general projects.
  • Flight Mode – local and session storage – LINQ to Fail – Aaron Powell continues his series looking at offline storage possibilities for web applications, exploring local storage and session storage for keeping application state.
  • Edward Farley and the Fantastic Library Part 1 – Charles L Flatt takes us on a journey though the various types of Entity Framework 5 Code First. Charles uses a story telling format and draws examples from a library in this 12 part series (all online now).