• Glimpse 1.3.2 released – The Glimpse Team announce the release of Glimpse 1.3.2, a minor update which makes some improvements to the client side of Glimpse including better rendering of recursive data structures
  • Rhino Mocks New Home – Mike Meisinger takes on the project lead role for Rhino Mocks, and outlines a little of what is planned for the (now bright) future of Rhino Mocks.
  • Solution Load Manager for Visual Studio 2010/2012 – Pavlo Iarovyi shares a Visual Studio Extension for Visual Studio 2010 and 2012 which adds some User Interface for controlling the Project Load Priority, allowing you to control which projects ina solution load and when.


  • A first look at SignalR – Rick Strahl gives a nice introduction to the wonderful world of SignalR, discussing what the library aims to achieve, some applicable use cases for it use, and a look at some of the features of the library.
  • Technology Radar May 2013 – The May 2013 edition of the ThoughtWorks Technology Radar is now available online. This regular report looks at the ever changing landscape of software development technologies and practices, and their relative maturity and readiness for adoption
  • IP Throttling in ASP.NET Web API – Pablo M. Cibraro shares an implementation of a MessageHandler for ASP.NET WebAPI which provides IP based throttling capailities, useful in situations where you need to provide a publicly consumable API but want to control how much traffic you receive from individual clients.
  • Validating composite models with knockout validation – Jef Claes explores the validation capabilities of KnockOut Validation, and looks at how to go about extending it to support validation of composite models, illustrating with examples along the way
  • AngularJS and TypeScript – Dave Iffland takes a look at getting up and running with AngularJS with JavaScript code written using TypeScript, sharing some lessons learnt about combining these two technologies and working around encountered issues.
  • Dynamically Loading Controllers and Views with AngularJS and RequireJS – Dan Wahlin is also exploring AngularJS, and in this post highlights his introductory video on AnugularJS, before exploring the use of RequireJS with Angular to provide dynamic loading of the controllers and views required.
  • Compiling to JavaScript, and Debugging with Source Maps – Nick Fitzgerald and Robert Nyman share an interesting article which explores the creation of a language compiler which compiles down to JavaScript, looking at the compiler concepts required, and exploring adding debugging support by way of SourceMaps.
  • Modern.IE and BrowserStack: The tools we should have had 10 years ago. – Chris Maunder takes a look at the browser compatibility checking and testing features provided by the Modern.IE website and BrowserStack tooling
  • Flight Mode – Introduction & Cookies – Aaron Powell kicks off a series looking at the various options for supporting offline web application use, with an initial look at the oldest options, cookies.
  • Dealing with Windows Azure Storage transient faults – Grigori Melnik takes a look at dealing with the Transient Faults which can occur when connecting to Windows Azure Services, and how the client libraries provide support for retries.