• Producing permutations, part seven – Eric Lippert returns for another instalment of his series looking at the production of permutations, digging into the answer to the poser in the last post about random permutations of a deck of cards
  • The future is now – OWIN and multi-hosting ASP.NET web applications – Filip W takes us to the bleeding edge exploring the capabilities of the nightly builds from the ASP.NET team of Katana and ASP.NET Web API, looking at the support for multi-hosting in self host scenarios
  • One ASP.NET: Nancy.Templates for Visual Studio – Scott Hanselman shares a look at the NancyFX Visual Studio templates showing how they provide valuable starting points for Nancy development, and take advantage of the extensibility in Visual Studio, which is still sadly more complicated than folk would like it to be,
  • The Benefits of a Reverse Proxy – Mike Hadlow takes a few moments to consider the architectural benefits of running web infrastructure behind a reverse proxy, allowing it to shield your infrastructure and provide valuable services on top of a multi-server setup.
  • Resources for Learning CoffeeScript & 10 CoffeeScript Features You Might Not Know – Jaco Pretorius highlights some nice resources for getting up and running and deepening your understanding of the CoffeeScript language, as well as highlighting 10 useful and interesting aspects of the language.