Monday is a bank/public holiday here in the UK, so as is the usual Morning Brew tradition, I will be taking the day off from publishing here, and will return on Tuesday. Enjoy the weekend.


  • Producing permutations, part six – Eric Lippert continues his series looking at generation of permutations, with a discussion on the potential for bias in the random elements of generating random permutations, along with setting a challenge to predict the next cards picked by a sample program.
  • .NET Security Part 1 – Simon Cooper takes a look at the built in Code Access Security included in the .NET Framework exploring partial and full trust assemblies, the testing of permissions and the different security modes/levels.
  • C#/.NET Fundamentals: Three Tech.Pro Tutorials – James Michael Hare shares three tutorial articles he wrote for Tech.Pro exploring Linq, Tuples and Anonymous Types, and extension methods
  • Configuring Nancy to use views in a separate assembly – Colin Angus Mackay takes a look at an alternative way of loading views when working with the Nancy Framework, looking at embedding views as resources in assemblies, and how to bootstrap Nancy to load these.
  • Communication with Cross Domain IFrame – A Cross Browser Solution – Tadit Dash takes a look at the solution to passing information between browser frames, and even moving information across two different domains using message passing using postMessage
  • Developers and Depression – Killing our Knowledge Workers – AgileScout discusses the importance of good mental health, and some of the typical developer traits and work patterns which don’t help – Important stuff which isn’t discussed often enough.


  • NxtGenUG – Cross platform game / app dev – Simon Jackson is giving a session on the issues and solutions for developing games to run on the multitude of different platforms available these days at the Manchester/Warrington NxtGenUG on the evening of Wednesday 15th May.
  • NxtGenUG – Typescript – Mark Rendle journeys north to Birmingham to deliver a session on TypeScript on the evening of Tuesday 21st May
  • Utilize Roslyn to create the next level plugin capability – Filip Ekberg shares the video of his dotnetConf session which looks at using the Compiler as a Service functionality provided by Roslyn as an alternative way of creating plugins for applications. Don’t forget all the other dotnetConf sessions are also available online and are well worth checking out.