There is probably only one thing worse than an broken ADSL connection, and that is a down-more-than-up intermittent ADSL connection, something which has been plaguing me all weekend. As a result, today’s edition is a little shorter than planned.

Update: Fixed the link to John Papa’s DotNetConf post – thanks to David for letting me know via the comments



  • ASP.NET Web API and greedy query string parameter binding – Filip W follows on from his previous post by answering a question about binding to route values but not query string components, looking at how Web API provides the flexibility to do this.
  • Using Remote Powershell with Windows Azure Virtual Machines – Sandrino Di Mattia takes a look at using the Remote Powershell support just introduced for Windows Azure Virtual Machines, showing how to enable it and giving a taste of it in use.
  • On Types – Ted Neward shares some thoughts on types, and their use in Object Oriented programming, discussing a number of modelling scenarios, and some recommendations about exposing primitives.
  • Free Video: SPA Primer with Durandal, Knockout and Breeze – John Papa highlights the video of his session on Single Page Applications presented at DotNetConf last week. All the session videos are on line and are well worth checking out
  • Support for Native Projects – The NuGet team highlight the new support for Native (C++) projects included in NuGet 2.5