• Team Explorer Everywhere 2012 Update 2 – Brian Harry makes the more formal announcement of Team Explorer Everywhere Update 2, a minor improvements and bug fix release which addresses a number of issues.
  • NuPattern Released! – Jezz Santos announces the first release as NuPattern of the project previously called VSPAT which provides a framework to create custom extensibility and tooling in Visual Studio
  • Less Than Dot – Blog – Windows Azure Training Kit April 2013 Released – SQLDenis highlights the release of the April 2013 edition of the Windows Azure Training Kit, including newly refreshed infrastructure services related content and 4 new labs sessions.


  • Producing permutations, part five – Eirc Lippert continues his exploration of permutations, looking at the representation of numbers in textual and the actual meaning of this under the hood, exploring different bases and considering what happens if the base is different for different digits, relating it all back to permutations.
  • Moving 4th & Mayor to Windows Azure Web Sites – Jeff Wilcox – Jeff Wilcox discusses and shares his experiences moving the backend of his 4th & Mayor FourSquare application onto Windows Azure, discussing the state of SSL support, deploying node.js code to the server and monitoring using the Azure portal.
  • rwldrn/idiomatic.js – idiomatic.js is a nice coding style guide for JavaScript which aims to lead you towards good practices to ensure consistent JavaScript code
  • Entity Framework Code First Inheritance & Entity Framework Code First Relations – Ricard Peres gives a useful reference to the way Entity Framework Code First can model inheritance structures and relationships between types
  • Windows Azure joins Microsoft’s billion-dollar business club – Mary Jo Foley highlights the news that Windows Azure has entered the 1 billion club at Microsoft – congratulations to all involved in making Azure a success thus far.


  • dotnetConf – The .NET Community Virtual Conference – All the sessions from DotNetConf last week are available online, your chance to get 2 whole days of conference material on a range of subjects but all .NET related.
  • Seriously Open, Definitely Required – Nik Molnar highlights a the Seriously Open podcast from Nick Berardi, and Justin Rusbatch , now onto its second episode looking at all things opens source in the ,NET ecosystem,