• Enterprise Library 6.0 & Just released – Microsoft Enterprise Library 6 – Somasegar and Grigori Melnik announce the release of Enterprise Library Version 6. This new release had a number of targets, to simplify across the board, improve Windows 8 Store Application support, introduce semantic logging and ma few others. The release includes a brand new Semantic Logging application block as well as update to 7 of the existing application blocks
  • Gibraltar Software’s Loupe 3.5 Release is Here! & Our Best Log Viewer is now Free – Jay Cincotta & Kendall Miller announce the release of Loupe 3.5, the result of 18 months of development brings about a new Desktop and Server edition giving insight into what is going on in your application. The even better news is that the Desktop Edition is completely free foever (as in beer), so you can get started with and gain the benefits of Loupe at no cost.
  • Json.NET 5.0 Release 4 – Performance – James Newton-King announces an update release of Json.NET 5.0 which brings with it some serious performance improvements (in the range of 30% better than Json.NET 4.5) in serialisation and deserialisation.
  • NuGet 2.5 Released – Jeff Handley announces the formal release of NuGet 2.5, a real team effort with over 10 contributors to the release, and a wealth of new features for both package authors and consumers to take advantage of.


  • Producing permutations, part four – Eric Lippert returns for another Fabulous Adventures in the world of permutations, exploring the numbering of permutations, and applying the big integer type to deal with some of the very large numbers encountered in these situations.
  • Penny Pinching in the Cloud: How to run a two day Virtual Conference for $10 – Scott Hanselman discusses the technology platform used for the dotnetConf Virtual Conference, taking place yesterday and today, showing how an incredible experience can be achieved with very little cost. Sessions continue today (evening in the UK) and are well worth checking out – I enjoyed what little I could watch yesterday (internet connection issues at my end sadly limited that)
  • Enabling Professional-Quality Online Video: New Specifications for Interoperable Captioning – The Internet Explorer team discuss some of the improvements coming for captioning of videos as a result of their work with the W3C Timed Text Working Group and Timed Text Markup Language (TTML).
  • TypeScript Support in SharpDevelop – Matt Ward highlights the early beta support for TypeScript in the SharpDevelop alternative IDE by way of a new Addin, including Code completion, find reference, go to definition and rename refactorings.
  • TwitterBootstrapMvc – Dmitry A. Efimenko shares a loot at TwtiterBootstrapMVC, a project which brings Bootstrap awareness to ASP.NET MVC giving a number of HTML helper methods which generate Bootstrap specific markup.


  • DDD East Anglia – Session submissions for DDD East Anglia close this weekend, so if you would like to give a talk, get your submission in soon, session voting opens on Wednesday.
  • Pablo’s Fiesta is Back!! – John Teague highlights the plans for a Pablo‚Äôs Fiesta open spaces event to run on the 25&26 (and social activities on 27th) October in Austin TX.