• Project-less scripted C# with ScriptCS and Roslyn – Scott Hanselman takes a look at ScriptCS, an application of Roslyn’s compiler as a service capabilities, along with C# and NuGet to give a Scripting engine which runs C#, and looks at some of the exciting uses like hosting WebAPI and NancyFx applications which this can be put to.
  • Infer.NET: Machine Learning Tailor-Made – The Microsoft Research news blog highlights Infer.NET a new .NET Machine Learning library being created by the clever folks at Microsoft Research Cambridge
  • Tasks are not Threads – ‘BenWilli’ discusses one of the common misconceptions about tasks – that they are not actually analogous to threads in classical multithreaded programming.
  • Using Visual Studio’s JavaScript Memory Analysis tool to find memory leaks on your Windows 8 JavaScript app – David Catuhe takes a look at using the Visual Studio tooling to profile your JavaScript based applications on Window 8 to identify any memory leaking which is occuring
  • How to profile a JavaScript Windows Store App for performance problems – Haseeb Ah is also discussing the Visual Studio profiling tools for JavaScript Windows Store Applications, this time focusing on computational performance, looking at profiling a CPU intensive graphic visualisation.
  • Foq It Easy – Phil Trelford gives an overview of his Foq mocking library for .NET which has first class support for F#, showing how a small sample project has grown into a full framework over its various releases, and is now something he considers to be stable at version 0.9.
  • #829 – Add Comments to Indicate Shallow vs. Deep Copying – Sean Sexton discusses how there are two different types of clone of an object, shallow cloning and deep cloning, and how the use of comments on methods implementing clones are a good idea to help people working on your code understand what is really happening.