• Introducing: Code Digger, an extension for VS2012 – Nikolai Tillmann announces the release of Code Digger, a Visual Studio 2012 extension from the Pex Team (Nikolai Tillmann and Peli de Halleux). The extension looks at your code, and generates a table of inputs and outputs from that code allowing you to understand what your code will do in different situations,
  • Windows Azure Storage Extensions – Dmitry Tretyakov updates his Windows Azure Storage Extensions library which aims to plug some gaps and add in some functionality to to the SDK


  • Immutable Data and Memoization in C#, Part 2 – Jérôme Laban continues his series looking at the use of Functional Programming techniques in C#. This part takes a look at Memoization, looking at some of the supporting classes in the Framework, and exploring the technique and how you can help alleviate the memory impact of the technique.
  • Are you coding for change or stability – the followup post – Marcus Hammarberg follows on from his previous discussion post on two models for programming, programming for change, and programming for stability, discussing and shareing some of the discussions which kicked off around the original post
  • Remove Unwanted HTTP Response Headers – ‘mathurvarun’ takes a look at how you can convince IIS to not output some of the informational HTTP Header provide information about Server OS and Version, and the ASP.NEt version.
  • Things you still cant do with ASP.NET modules on IIS – Mike Volodarsky discusses a little history about how you used to use ISAPI to extend IIS, but with the release of IIS7 you were able to create managed extensions to IIS, before looking at some of the limitations of the managed extensions.
  • Annotating PDF Documents in a Windows 8 Store App – Mike Taulty takes a look at some of the PDF SDK libraries out there for working with PDF documents, digging into Foxit’s SDK and ComponentOne’s product in detail, with mention of a few others too.
  • Building Windows Azure Cloud Services App with Web Role, Worker Role, Table Storage and Service Bus – Shiju Varghese walks through the process of setting up a Multi-Tier application running on the Windows Azure platform, and utilising a good range of the features of the Azure platform.