• Announcing 0.9 early previews – TypeScript – Jonathan Turner announces the release of an early preview release of TypeScript 0.89 which gives you a chance to try out some of the new and breaking changes made on the road to the 1.0 release
  • XDT (XML Document Transform) released on & XDT web.config transforms – Sayed-Ibrahim-Hashimi announces the release of the XDT engine as a CodePlex project, something a number of people have been interested in, and Jeff Handley highlights the work already under way to integrate XDT into the NuGet package manager allowing transformations to be applied by packages.


  • Producing permutations, part three – Eric Lippert continues his series looking at permutations, making a start on the code to generate permutations as outlined in the algorithm in the last post
  • Immutable Data and Memoization in C#, Part 1 – Jerome Laban kicks off a new series looking at applying the functional programming concepts of Immutability and memoization to C# code and eliminating changes to data and the bugs and performance bottlenecks this can avoid.
  • Better Testers – Phil Haack follows on from a previous post discussing testing and devellopers relationship with performing testing, urgeting developer and testers to have better relationships and for developers to think of testers as specialists in their own right
  • JavascriptPromise – Martin Fowler gives a nice short and concise explaination of the concept and use of promises in JavaScript
  • Penny Pinching Video: Moving my Website’s Images to the Azure CDN (and using a custom domain) – Scott Hanselman takes a look at the role a CDN can play in reducing your hosting costs, and shares a look at how he converted the Hanselminutes site to use a CDN.
  • Stop Your Console App The Nice Way – Mike Hadlow highlights a little know event on the Console class which lets your console applications respond to the standard cancellation key combination Ctrl+C
  • A ResourceManager Abstraction for Custom Resource Managers & Five New FxCop Globalization Rules – Guy Smith-Ferrier puts out a plea to the community to help him influence Microsoft to provide an abstraction over the resource manager which would allow custom resource managers to be insert into applications behind the standard interface. Guy also has updated the code samples for his .NET Internationalization book, along with providing some new FxCop rules to help ensure your applications are more internationally friendly