• Windows Azure Root Certificate Migration – Impact Scenarios – Kevin Williamson discusses the potential impact of the forthcoming change to the Windows Azure Root Certificate, discussing why the change is being made, and what areas of service might be effected by the change.
  • New! Deploy to Windows Azure Web Sites from Dropbox – Bradley Millington takes a look at the newly announced support for deploying to Windows Azure Websites from DropBox, sharing a short screen cast which shows the process.
  • Caching Web API Requests – Ugo Lattanzi discusses getting caching support in your ASP.NET Web API HTTP Client using the HttpRequestCachePolicy class.
  • Introduction to CQRS – Kanasz Robert shares a nice introduction to the concepts behind Command Query Responsibility Segregation, illustrating with examples in this CodeProject Article.
  • Getting Started with HDInsight – Shayne Burgess follows on from the preview release of the new HDInsight Service on Windows Azure allowing you to easily configure and manage a HDInsight Hadoop Cluster