• Windows Azure: New Hadoop service + HTML5/JS (CORS), PhoneGap, Mercurial and Dropbox support – Scott Guthrie announces the latest additions to the Windows Azure feature list, including improvements to the Mobile Services clients (including PhoneGap, Windows Phone 7.5 and .NET Portable library support), deployment from Mercurial and DropBox and improved management of Hadoop instances on Azuire.
  • The latest Kinect for Windows SDK is here – The Kinect for Windows team announce the release of the Kinect for Windows SDK 1.7 which includes Kinect Fusion for body scanning and imaging, and Kinect Interactions gesture interactions.
  • Durandal 1.2.0 and Caliburn.Micro 1.5.0 Released! – Rob Eisenberg announces releases to two of his Open Source Projects, seeing the Durandal single page application framework reach 1.2, and Caliburn Micro hit a 1.5.0 release which includes async/await, Share and Settings Charm support and lots more


  • Monads, part eight – Eric Lippert continues his Fabulous Adventures In Coding looking at the Monad pattern, in this post discussing the standard names for the methods and features derived in the past posts which make up the Monad implementation.
  • Various implementations of Rx – Rafael.F highlights the spread of the Reactive Extensions onto a range of different platforms by the open source community. Exciting to see how far a R&D project has spread
  • HTTP Status Codes – – A nice little site which houses a community maintained guide to the various HTTP status codes – a useful reference, and well worth reading through if you want a better understanding of HTTP
  • Which ASP.NET MVC validation strategy should we use? – Brian Rosamilia takes a look at the various techniques available to ASP.NET MVC developers to validate the submitted data, sharing thoughts on which is the best approach
  • Handling Sometimes-On Connectivity In Windows Phone Apps – Tim Murphy discusses handling lack of connectivity and intermittent connectivity on Windows Phone devices within your application
  • Entity Framework Links #4 – Rowan Miller shares the 4th edition of Entity Framework Links, a collection of links to Entity Framework related articles published recently.
  • Imagining a More Engaging Web: 3rd Anniversary of IE Test Drive – The Internet Explorer Team celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the launch of the IE Test Drive site, providing interesting and exciting demos of the cutting edge features implemented in Internet Explorer, and still well worth checking out.