I made some changes to my Feedburner feed configuration, and also to the email version that Feedburner sends out – Hopefully I didn’t break anything!


  • MongoDB 2.4 Released – SQLDenis highlights the release of MongoDB 2.4, giving an overview of the new features of this release.


  • Moving old apps from IIS6 to IIS8 and why Classic Mode exists – Scott Hanselman discusses the migration of web applications from IIS6 to IIS8 along with taking a look at the different pipeline options available and their respecitve uses.
  • Release Notes 3/20/2013 – CodePlex – Rick Marron discusses the latest changes over at CodePlex, including support for deploying to Windows Azure from Mercurial and Git Repositories.
  • ASP.NET 4.5 Model Binding: Creating Custom Value Provider – Nandip Makwana takes a look at the ASP.NET 4.5 Model Binding functionality in ASP.NET WebForms and explores the construction of a Custom Value Provider
  • Website Performance with ASP.NET – Part2 – Reduce Time to First Byte – Markus Greuel continues with a series looking at performance optimisation of ASP.NET applications, exploring how you can reduce the time to first byte of your pages to get them loading in the client sooner.
  • Using Require.js in an ASP.NET MVC application – Jonathan Creamer takes a look at using Require.Js in ASP.NET MVC applications, comparing it to the use of standard JavaScript inclusion in the page, and exploring its use via the Nuget package, including minification
  • Ember: Baby Steps – Rob Conery continues his series of posts exploring the many JavaScript libraries, taking a look at the Ember, running through a getting started guide.
  • Stop using relative paths in your JavaScripts – Continuing the JavaScript related theme, Rob Ashton discusses the options for non-relative and relative paths in JavaScript based applications.
  • ECMAScript 6 and Method Definitions – Ariya Hidayat discusses the ECMAScript 6 Standard and specifically the new method definition feature of the language. This is part of an ongoing series looking at various aspects of ECMAScript 6, all well worth checking out.
  • EF 6: Async – Bnaya Eshet kicks off a new series looking at Entity Framework 6, starting by exploring the Async support for parallel data access.
  • Saga implementation patterns – variations – Jimmy Bogard continues his Saga Implementation Patterns series with a look at some variations on the standard implementation pattern, illustrating publisher-gather and reporter models.


  • DDD East Anglia – The First DDD Event of the year has announced its schedule, with the Call for Sessions starting on 1st April. DDD East Anglia will be taking place in Cambridge on Saturday 29th June 2013