Thanks to everyone for the Google Reader alternative suggestions yesterday – plenty for me to take a look at over the weekend!


  • Monads, part seven – Eric Lippert presses on with his series looking at Monads, taking a look at the composition properties of monads
  • SignalR ebook – campusMVP.Net – campusMVP.Net and Jose M Aguilar have updated their free SignalR eBook to cover the release version (and first fix release), along with updating the sample code too. Registration is required to get the e-book
  • MSDN Magazine: Mid-month Web Preview – Michael Desmond highlights the mid-month web preview which sees additional features and columns be added to the online MSDN Magazine, with items on the Roles pattern, Windows Store for WPF and SIlverlight devs, and TFS Version control.
  • What’s Up with CodePlex? – Kinect for Windows Developer Blog – Ben Lower gives some clarifications as to what part of the Kinect code has been released as open source, re-iterating that its just sample applications, not core platform APIs as had been reported in some news outlets.
  • Asp.Net SignalR Chat Room – Shakeel Iqbal takes a look at using SignalR to create a chat room, one of the standard sample applications, although this one does a nice job of being a bit more than a basic sample with rooms and direct messaging.
  • The dangers of cross-browser testing with IE9’s Browser Modes – Ben W discusses the issues of testing for older IE version support using IE9’s browser mode to change the browser behaviour, highlighting some instances where it doesn’t do eaxactly what it should. Be sure to check out the link to at the end of the article for browser virtual machines and testing services.
  • Windows 8 Loves YUI – Jeff Burtoft discusses how the YUI framework can be utilised to create Windows 8 Applications using the HTML / JavaScript development model walking through soem basic use to give a taste.
  • Location, location, location. A tale of DateTime and IsDaylightSavingTime. – Kevin LaBranche discusses the implementation of Daylight Savings time in code, looking at the framework support, and in doing so highlights two important take aways, rolling your own can be dangerous, and that you should always understand the framework code you are using
  • Saga implementation patterns – Controller – Jimmy Bogard continues his series looking at the implementation of Sage using common patterns with a look at the controller pattern
  • Isolating SharePoint Exceptions with WinDbg – Lane Blundell shares some good Windbg advice looking at how you can break into the debugger on exceptions. Don’t be put off by the Sharepoint in the title as the actual content can be applied anywhere.