• IE10 for Windows 7 Globally Available for Consumers and Businesses – The Internet Explorer Team announce the release of Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7, bringing the latest in Microsoft Browser technology to one of the most successful Windows versions ever, with support improved support for a huge lists of W3C Standards this is a significant release for anyone on Windows7
  • RELEASED – Download Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 – Scott Hanselman also discusses the IE10 on Windows7 release, highlighting the automatic updating plans to get Windows 7 users onto IE10, and some of the development implications.


  • Why Use AngularJS? – K. Scott Allen discusses some of the reasons why he has a perference for the way that AngularJS works as a framework, including how it works without ‘func-ing up’ properties
  • A Look Into AngularJS – The "Super-heroic JavaScript MVW Framework" – Josh McKinzie explores the AngularJS framework in this CodeProject article, exploring some of the key concepts, features and principles behind Angualr
  • Server-side view or client-side MV*? – Kailuo Wang draws on video from David Heinemeier Hansson, taking an interesting look at the implementation of the various parts of an MV* architecture both client and server side
  • Client-side MVC is not a silver bullet – Thomas Fuchs discusses his view that Client Side MVC architectures are not always a good choice, discussing performance, complexity and how it ramps up significantly as you add more features.
  • Introducing Package Statistics – The NuGet team shares the low-down on their new packag statistics feature on the NuGet gallery, exposing more information about the packages and versions that people are downloading.
  • Tools and Mechanisms available for Unit Test on ASP.Net MVC (Razor) Application – Pranab Paul highlights some tooling, templates and libraries which enable testing of ASP.NET MVC code which makes use of the Razor View Engine.
  • Logging with SignalR – Ran Wahle continues his set of posts looking at SignalR with a useful tip about enabling he built in logging support in SignalR to help you more easily debug what is going on in the client-server interaction
  • "We Accept Pull Requests" – Ted Neward discusses the use of the phrase ‘We Accept Pull Requests’ in the context of an open source projects, and what that actually means in practice
  • How to run PowerShell from node.js – Doug Finke follows on from Tomasz Janczuk’s post on getting .NET in a node.js application with a lokoa t getting PowerShell code running in a Node.js application using a similar technique.