• Announcing TypeScript 0.8.3 – Jonathan Turner announces the release of TypeScript 0.8.3 as a Preview Release. This release includes various compiler improvements, including fixes for issues surrounding typing ot ‘this’, scoping and performance improvements, along with improvements to the debugger and IDE Editor support
  • EF6 Alpha 3 Available on NuGet – Rowan Miller announces the release of Entity Framework 6 Alpha 3, with the team keen to hear your feedback, and the release includes support for code first mappings to stored procedures, a contribution of custom migration operations, and improvements in the detection and recovery of connection failures.
  • Sorting a ScriptBundle based on /// <;reference /> tags – Shane Anderson shares a neat addition to the ASP.NET Bundling feature which correctly orders bundled JavaScript files based upon the intellisense // <reference /> tags to ensure that script dependencies are loaded correctly.


  • Lambda patterns in C#? – Anoop Madhusudanan draws inspiration from a talk at the MVP Summit and a Code Project article both from Florian Rappl, looking at the use of patterns from JavaScript in C# code, sharing some examples and discussion and highlighting Florian’s article
  • jQuery 1.9.x and ASP.NET MVC 4 Applications – K. Scott Allen highlights the potential breaking changes in jQuery 1.9 and reminds us that updating your jQuery NuGet reference will bring those changes into your projects, highlighting the jQuery Migrate library and package or reverting to an older jQuery Package as possible a work around.
  • Learning more about Pointer Events as the W3C publishes Last Call Working Draft – Jacob Rossi highlights the move to a ‘Last Call Working Draft’ of the W3C Pointer Events Specification, and discusses and highlights resources regarding the implementation of the standard.
  • Visual Studio Web Publish Lockup? Check for invisible Window – Rick Strahl highlights a really simple cause (and work around) of an annoying problem developers who move between single and multiple screens may encounter with Web Publishing in Visual Studio.
  • How to profile a XAML Windows Store App – Andrew B Hall explores the use fo the Visual Studio Profiling tooling to profile XAML based Windows Store Applications, walking through the process of running, understanding and working with the results of profiling
  • Sql Connection Strings in .Config Files vs. Source Control – Rick Strahl also takes a look at the techniques available for working with connection strings in you Web/app.config files, looking at how you can make them portable between environments and safe to put in source control.
  • Lean Publishing and Keeping Software Soft – Jason Roberts announces the first draft of his first book, being self published through LeanPub. ‘Keeping Software Soft’ looks at the things that can be done across the software development lifecycle to keep the software easy to change.