• & CoffeeScript 1.5.0 adds – "Literate Programming" mode – The 1.5 version of CoffeeScript has been released, and includes a ‘Literate Programming mode’ which allows the embedding of executable MarkDown documents – actual details of the new functionality seem to be a little hard to come by at the moment, but I’m sure will follow in due course.


  • Monads, part two – Eric Lippert continues his series exploring Monads (and not Mondads as my fingers like to type them!) with a look at some examples of types we are probably familiar which fit the Monad Pattern, kicking off an exploration of what it means to be a Monad and building up a definition of its capabilities.
  • Not-So-Lazy Static Constructors in C# 4.0 – Avner Kashtan provides a useful reminder that the behaviour of static constructors changed in C# 4, drawing on an old post from Jon Skeet to explain how it works
  • BarbarianIOC : A simple IOC Container – Sacha Barber shares BarbarianIOC, a simple Inversion of Control Container implementation which he explains the use of and looks at the implementation behind to illustrate the concepts of IOC
  • WPF Threads and Async: Conclusions – Ian Griffiths rounds out his series of posts on Threading and Asynchronous programming in WPF applications with a set of conclusions. I’ve linked to a few of the past posts in this series, be sure to check back over Ian’s Blog for the rest as its been interesting reading.
  • Coding4fun: the Star Wars intro in pure CSS3 thanks to 3D transform & animations – David Rousset shares an awesome demo of the power of CSS3 and its 3D Transformations showing a nice implementation of the Star Wars opening scrolling text implemented in pure CSS – mighty impressive
  • Enhance your HTML5 app with audio. – Joe Stagner takes a look at the use of HTML5 Audio in applications sharing some simple examples of it in use you can make use of in your own applications.
  • Hosting .NET code in node.js applications using OWIN – Tomasz Janczuk discusses how you can get .NET code up and running in a node.js application making use of OWIN to provide the interconnection to allow consumption of .NET code.
  • Message Handlers per Route in ASP.NET Web API – Pablo M. Cibraro discusses the role of the Message Handlers in ASP.NET Web API to provide some work to service the request, and delegate to other message handlers, looking at an example involving basic authentication
  • Expressions In AngularJS – K.Scott Allen continues his series on AngularJS with a look at adding editing capabilities to his sample application, along with exploring the use of ng-click with the binding of data