Update: fixed a typo in Eric Lippert’s name – sorry Eric, but thanks to Peter Zsoldos for letting me know.


  • Introducing Formo – Dynamic Configuration – Chris Missal shares Formo, a simple configuration wrapper which wraps the standard AppSettings with a dynamic accessors which provides a number of useful helper methods to assist accessing configuration


  • Monads, part one – Eric Lippert kicks off another series of posts this time exploring Mondads, discussing some of the theory and how monads apply in functional programming and C#
  • Alive with activity, Part 1: Working with tiles, badges, and toasts – Kraig Brockschmidt posts on the Windows 8 app developer blog discussing the interactivity in tiles, badges and toasts in Windows Store applications which developers can utilise to expose information on the user’s homescreen / start menu
  • Forms With AngularJS – K.Scott Allen continues his series looking at the use of AngularJS, showing an example of binding form elements making the code required to work with forms data much shorter and simpler
  • Polymorphism: Part 1 – John Teague kicks off a back to basics series looking at one of the fundamental concepts of Object Oriented Programming – Polymorphism
  • JSON Lesson – Tim Bray discusses a less well known fact about JSON, that it is legal to have duplicate keys in JSON, however in this post Tim advises against it as the behaviour can be a bit unpredictable in may JSON libraries.